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About Furnish The Office - grew out of a necessity; a need for a venue that people could take their furniture when buying new and make sure that it was re-purposed, where possible, rather than deposited in a landfill. This additionally provided a venue where people could shop for quality, well cared for furniture at great prices. We are an online store only and do not have a retail location- we strive to keep overhead as low as possible, in return passing the saving on to out customers. Our prices do not include delivery or installation, but can arrange that for you at great prices.

With over twenty years in the commercial furniture business- we strive to help our clients find a good fit for their furniture needs in both purchasing as well as disposing of. We are here to make this a simple economical process for you and your company.

We offer a full range of services and are associated with the best installation companies, and designers in the area should you feel a need for their services, we can get you connected. We offer simple space planning of items we sell at no charge, however should you need more complex work done we recommend contacting one of our partners.

With additional products being added daily should be on your favorites. Don't forget to like us on Facebook!

Thank you,

The FTO team


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